How does whisky cask investment actually work?

Here’s how:

Buying your Cask

Once you have completed your research and decided to invest in Scotch whisky casks it’s a simple step to purchase casks via our secure online portal. And entry level is low at only GBP 2,200 per cask.

With this comes all of the information you need about cask storage and insurance, including a certificate of ownership which will include your unique cask number that relates to the exact distillery where the cask is stored, along with the technical information about your cask (the wood type, the distillery of origin, the spirit name inside the cask and its ABV).

Your cask will be securely stored in the duty-suspended bonded warehouse at the distillery, which has been verified by the HMRC. This means you don’t need to pay excise and duty on your casks while they mature and you won’t even need to pay this if you sell them on, only if you decide to bottle your whisky yourself.

Selling your Cask

If you purchased a New Make Spirit, it cannot legally be sold as Scotch Whisky, until it’s been matured for three years and one day of maturation. After this point, you are free to sell or bottle your whisky from the cask, though you may also decide to allow it to continue to mature for several years after this point, which can have a positive impact on its value. Average returns in the past decade have been 12.3%.

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